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Vcubie for AI Learning Kids

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Exclusive for children’s programming education

Vcubie for AI Learning Kids”is an AI programming education product that helps elementary school children learn programming. Vcubie works functionally with graphical programming education and Python languages, making it the best learning tool for K12 students. It offers powerful AI models so students can experience the fun of artificial intelligence learning. Additionally, Vicubie can be used with AIOT-related expansion kits to provide learning assistance. 

Easy to Use

AI Beginner for Kids

Collaborate with Ministry of Education Curriculum 

Applicable to Technology Education

Education Core Literacy Construction

STEAM Education Aids

Does Vcubie have Artificial Intelligence Recognition Function?

Yes! It is a product that offers a total of 12 advanced AI recognition functions, which is the biggest feature of Vcubie. Before we delve into the functions of AI, let’s first introduce the relevant specifications! 

The Introduction of Teaching Aids

Product Specification
Product size56x35x62.7mm Storage spacecan be expanded to 1GB
Power input5V 1ASRAM320KB
ProcessorLX7 32bit single-core processorROM128KB
12 AI recognition functions
Handwritten NumbersHandwritten LettersGarbage SortingExpression Recognition
Age RecognitionSpeech RecognitionSpeech SynthesisNatural Speech Processing

How does Vcubie help children to learn programming courses?

Vcubie can be used as an introductory model for elementary school children’s programming courses, with the following distinguishing features: 

Vcubie is a Palm-sized product that is convenient for distribution, storage, carrying, and management, and the shape and size are use-friendly for elementary school children to grasp; the shape design is suitable for elementary school, middle school, and beginners. 

Vcubie is self-developed graphical programming language tools and models make it easier to learn AI. It focuses on logic training and supplies coding learning. 

It allows children to start to experience AI artificial intelligence from the physical, including the basic of AI speech recognition, image recognition, voice reading, emotional analysis, software and hardware matching “Vcubie” course content learning is enjoyable, even if only using graphic programming platform later is also easy to use. 

From basic “Vcubie for ai learning kids” intermediate “AI learning kits”, “Pixetto AI lens”to advanced “ALK950 Edge Computing”, the course design is in line with the current curriculum planning and core literacy direction of Ministry of Education. 

What are the differences between Vcubie and Scratch?

Vcubie’s graphical programming interface, also known as the building block program, is developed by VIA Education (ideali) itself. The interface functions similarly to Scratch, which is widely used in the market. Additionally, it can be used with the Scratch platform for language program editing. Therefore, Vcubie is the best entry model for AI beginners in learning programming education.  

The Core Function of Vcubie

Fruit Recognition  Visual Recognition + Sound
Recite Tang Poetry Text-to-Speech + Sound 
Vcubie Ratio of Size Program experience + Sound
Guess Your Age: Visual Recognition + Sound
Conversation with Vcubie
Finishing with Vcubie: Gyroscope

The Learning Situation of Vcubie

Let's look at the highlights of the activities of various school units using "Vcubie for ai learning kids". 

The actual situation of interacting with Vcubie

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