IDEALI makes AI education easier

We, ideali, offer AI-infused courses and AI education solutions. We devote to developing hardware for technology, makerspaces, and programming education as well as constructing a series of information literacy programs for children aged 5-18. The programs span three levels: entry, intermediate, and advanced. We hope to offer a comprehensive educational program with a great variety of children.

We value children’s key competencies for the future. Through sparking interest in learning interesting topics and strengthening skills such as logical thinking and problem-solving with hands-on experience, children can learn how to think outside the box and cultivate cross-subject innovation and integrated skills.


Coding Programs
School Camps
Teacher Training Sessions
Business Collabs

STEM education ‧ Ignite children’s creativity and learning

AI-infused courses allow children to free their imagination and experience creating things

VIA-ideali has developed a series of AI-infused courses which follow the guidelines for information literacy and computer programming in the “108 Curriculum” Education System in Taiwan. Through heuristic method of teaching, we are able to stimulate children’s interest in their learning process. They can make whatever things they are interested in, developing logical thinking and the key competencies for the future related to problem-solving.

AI education solutions

ideali is fully devoted to providing AI hardware, promoting software platforms, providing well-designed courses, teacher trainings, competitions, certification exams and so on. The application of our products can be found in all kinds of teaching scenarios such as classroom teaching, school clubs, experimental teaching, and competitions. 

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